Sustainable Agriculture

Our Practices

In EREN we try to do our part for the planet. We value sustainable agriculture and do our part to preserve Earth’s agricultural future and history. Having our own filtration systems for wastewater & chimneys is a start, but we also added solar panels on top of our factory as of 2014 which saves 1100 trees and 445 tons of CO2 every year from the atmosphere.

We work closely in our own fields and also with our contracted farmers to make sure they uphold certain protocols to ensure the next generations can also benefit from what we are benefiting from at the moment. We must not forget, what was left for us was done so by our ancestors, it is our duty to do the same. 

Environmental farming, sustainable agriculture, global warming, and many more problems can only be solved through a joint effort. We urge you to give us a hand in the ever-increasing competitive scene to make this a reality. Also, bringing you the products from the oldest farming grounds on the planet is another very good reason that shows why our efforts are important.

Picture showing gobekli tepe dig site from an angle from above illustrating the first findings of agriculture on the planet

An Anatolian Story, ‘Göbekli Tepe’

We are proud to be harvesting our products from the fertile lands of Anatolia. In the name of sustainable agriculture, we would like to familiarize you with the ‘Göbekli Tepe’ in Şanlıurfa city of Turkey. Also known as ‘Potbelly Hill’ is regarded as the earliest proven sign of agricultural activity going back as far as BCE 9130, meaning the lands of Anatolia have been used for farming for over 11.000 years and are still being used for farming today. We are currently harvesting our products from the same lands which the first human farmers did their own harvesting.  The treasured Anatolian earth holds so much fertility it still has not run out to date. As EREN, we understand the importance of keeping this land healthy and fertile for the generations to come thus we vowed to uphold sustainable agriculture ideals in all of our operations and to leave this planet to the future as we have found it.