White Marsh Seedless

  • Brands Eren
  • Min Order 10000
  • Prodution Capacity 10000 ton/monthly
  • Payment Terms L/C, Bank Tr
  • Delivery Terms shipping
  • Lead Time 3-7 days
This product has a minimum quantity of 10000

White Marsh was discovered in Florida as a spontaneous seedling in 1860. Because the fruit of the three original seedlings were seedless the new variety was propagated in a nursery and White Marsh soon became the most popular new cultivar to be planted The fruit is almost completely round, very juicy and rich in flavour.

White Marsh is medium to late in the season, holds well on the tree and keeps well after harvest.White Marsh needs a lot of heat and thrives in hot climates. It is also highly sensitive to frost. White Marsh Grapefruit is available throughout the year.

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