• Brands Eren
  • Min Order 10000
  • Prodution Capacity 10000 ton/monthly
  • Payment Terms L/C, Bank Tr
  • Delivery Terms shipping
  • Lead Time 3-7 days

Satsumas are mandarins, but they are not to be confused with clementines, oranges, or even tangerines . They’re sweet like honey, with just the tiniest bit of acid, and the flesh of the fruit itself those pulp things are called 'Juice Vesicles' is incredibly tender. Their skins are loose and almost leathery looking and they are insanely easy to peel, almost like they come pre-peeled from the inside. They don’t have much of that white pith stuff, also known known as mesocarp or albedo. They’re a perfect winter treat at any time of day and they’re so small and fun-size you can eat two or three of them.

Originating from a natural mutation in a former province in Japan, the Satsuma’s earliest known existence dates back to 1429. Today, we know it as a quintessential holiday gift. Satsuma mandarins have a red-orange, leathery and oily peel known as "zipper skin" as it clings loosely to its flesh that it can be peeled with just a couple of tears. Satsuma mandarins are fragrant and juicy nearly ovoid of seeds. Though the flesh can be firm it is extremely juicy and sweet. Satsumas are perhaps the sweetest tangerine and the sweetest known citrus variety. Satsumas do not temper well with poor handling as their loosely attached skin bruises easily with pressure.Satsuma tangerines are available fall into late winter.The Satsuma has many loveable characteristics. The segmented fruit is deliciously sweet and juicy, the beautiful orange peel is loosely attached making it easy to remove, and to top it off, it has very few seeds.Restaurants currently purchasing this product as an ingredient for their menu.

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