Quality & Food Safety Policy


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POL 001

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Our company, as one of the exemplary fruit and vegetable packaging enterprises of Turkey, has adopted delivering “Safe Food” from field to table as its business principle and life philosophy.

For this purpose; our Quality and Food Safety Management System Policy is   

·         By keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, to organize and continually improve our activities according to customer expectations and requests,

·         To implement BRC Food Safety Management Systems in the first place to achieve our goals,

·         To ensure employee involvement in our processes, to increase and improve employee satisfaction,

·         To provide high quality and safe products to our customers,

·         To ensure the continuous improvement of Food Safety Management Systems, its development in line with Food Safety Standards, and its compliance with legal and regulatory requirements by increasing its effectiveness,

·         To produce safe products of the same quality in healthy and hygienic environments every day,

·         To offer innovative and competitive products in the industry,

·         To review all steps of our processes on a regular basis in order to ensure the sustainability of incessant compliance, competence and effectiveness,


·         To keep the external communication channels open and functional in order to provide necessary information on food safety, and the internal communication channels for the related key points that have impact on food safety,


·         By renovating our systems and infrastructure, to carry out our processes efficiently and effectively, to take necessary actions for food reality (authenticity) in all the inputs we purchase and the products we produce on a risk-based approach, to ensure  sustainability for product safety,