• Brands Eren
  • Min Order 10000
  • Prodution Capacity 100000 ton/monthly
  • Payment Terms L/C, Bank Tr
  • Delivery Terms shipping
  • Lead Time 3-7 days

Interdonato is a natural hybrid of lemon and citron. It is large, oblong, cylindrical, with conical, pointed nipple at apex and a short neck or collar at base. The peel is yellow, smooth, glossy, thin and tightly clinging. The pulp is greenish-yellow, in 8 or 9 segments, crisp, juicy, very acid and faintly bitter. Very few seeds. Second crop in the season.

Interdonato is a citron/lemon hybrid that came from the property of  Colonel Interdonato in Sicily in about 1875. It has few seeds and yields in early fall and winter and grows on a vigorous, thornless tree that is relatively resistant to bad weather.This variety has a large, elongated and smooth. His skin is thick and the pulp is divided into 6-7 segments with very few seeds, almost nonexistent.This lemon variety, which is much less acidic than the others, was created to accompany the dishes and drinks. It is cultivated in the Mediterranean countries - mainly Turkey. It is oblong, cylindrical, with conical, pointed nipple at apex, short neck or collar at base; large; peel yellow, smooth, glossy, thin, tightly clinging; pulp greenish-yellow

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