• Season: November-December-January-February-March-April-May-June-July-August-September-October
  • Brand: Eren
  • Production Capacity: 120 TON / WEEK during the season
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As an exporter of parsley and other fresh vegetables, we at Eren is committed to providing the highest quality parsley to our customers worldwide. We have a network of contracted farms across Turkey that allow us to provide fresh, affordable, and bulk produce and parsley to our packing house. There, our experienced and expert staff handle the vegetables with care, ensuring that they meet our high standards before our parsley is shipped off to our customers. We are proud to provide fresh, natural produce that our customers can trust in bulk quantities and wholesale pricing options.

Parsley is a popular herb that is used in a variety of dishes. It is native to the Mediterranean region and has been used since ancient times. The Egyptians believed that parsley had the power to bring people back from the dead, and it was often used as a decoration on tombs.

Parsley was also used by the Greeks and Romans as a medicinal herb. It was thought to have healing properties and was used to treat a number of different ailments.

Today, parsley is widely used as a garnish and a flavoring agent. It is also a popular ingredient in many Middle Eastern and Italian dishes.

Turkey is well known for its production of fresh herbs, and parsley is no exception. Farming of this classic herb takes place all across the country, with the majority of production taking place in the Central Anatolia region. This region is home to many of Turkey's parsley farms, which produce both flat-leaf and curly-leaf parsley for the Turkish market.

Parsley is an essential ingredient in many Turkish dishes, both cooked and raw. It is commonly used as a garnish or salad ingredient, and is also a popular choice for flavoring stews, soups, and sauces. Turkish parsley farmers take great pride in producing a high-quality product, and they work hard to ensure that their parsley is fresh and flavorful.

If you are interested in trying some of Turkey's fresh parsley, be sure to send us a message.

The Turkish Statistical Institute announced that the exporting of fresh parsley in Turkey increased by 23% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same period last year. This is good news for the parsley industry in Turkey, as the country is one of the largest producers of this herb.

Parsley is a popular herb that is used in many different cuisines around the world. It has a delicate flavor that can enhance the taste of many dishes. This increase in exports is likely due to the increased demand for parsley, as more people are cooking at home and looking for ways to add flavor to their dishes.

If you are in the import business, this is a good time to capitalize on the increased demand. Make sure you are able to meet the demand of your customers and keep your parsley fresh and of high quality

Fresh parsley is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and K. It also contains folic acid, iron, and calcium. Parsley is low in calories and can help you reach your weight loss goals. This herb can also improve digestion and help prevent bloating.

Parsley has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These nutrients can help protect your body against chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Parsley can also boost your immune system and help you fight off infections.

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