Flat Peach (Ufo Peach / Paraguay)

  • Season: May-June-July
  • Brand: Eren
  • Production Capacity: 120 TON / WEEK during the season
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We are a quality supplier and exporter of fresh Flat Peaches also known as Paraguay peaches or ufo peaches, offering our customers affordable, bulk options with natural packing. Our growers are expert and experienced in contracted farms, producing only the freshest fruits and vegetables. Peaches are our specialty, and we are proud to supply customers worldwide with the freshest and most affordable produce available. Our flat peaches and ufo peaches are grown by experts and are of the highest quality. We offer our customers affordable, bulk flat peaches that are natural and packinghouse fresh. Our expert, experienced staff can help you with all your flat peach needs. At Eren, we pride ourselves on providing seamless air cargo and air freight logistics services. We understand the importance of timely shipments and efficient logistics, and we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients' needs are always met. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the air cargo industry, we are confident that we can provide the highest quality of service possible.


The flat peach, also known as the UFO peach, is a type of peach that originated in China. These peaches are unique in that they have a flat shape and a smooth surface. The flesh of the flat peach is also very white, making it a popular choice for use in desserts.


The history of the flat peach is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that this type of peach was first cultivated in China over 1,000 years ago. However, how these peaches came to be is still unknown. Some theories suggest that the flat peach is a natural mutation of the regular peach, while others believe that it was created through human intervention. Regardless of its origin, the flat peach has become a popular fruit in China and other parts of the world.


The farming of fresh fruits flat peach ufo peach in Turkey has been shown to have positive effects on the economy, health, and environment of the country. The farming of fresh fruits flat peach ufo peach in Turkey provides many jobs for the people of the country and helps to boost the economy. The health benefits of consuming fresh fruits are well-known, and the farming of these fruits in Turkey helps to provide access to these healthy foods. 


Turkey is one of the leading countries in the export of fresh fruits, especially flat peaches and ufo peaches. In 2019, Turkey exported $2.3 billion worth of fresh fruits, making it the seventh-largest exporter of fresh fruits in the world.


Flat peaches or ufo peaches are the upcoming types of peaches grown in Turkey. Flat peaches are a type of peach that is flatter and wider than a traditional peach, while ufo peaches are peaches that are shaped like a UFO.


Turkey exports flat peaches and ufo peaches to countries all over the world, including the Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. If you are interested in purchasing Turkish flat peaches or ufo peaches, you can contact EREN.


The peach is an excellent fruit for people who are looking for a healthy and delicious snack. Peaches are low in calories and a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain antioxidants, which can help protect your body against disease.


Eating a peach also has a number of benefits for your skin. Peaches can help to reduce inflammation and redness, and they can also help to fight against wrinkles and age spots. If you are looking for a fruit that can help you achieve healthy, glowing skin, then the peach is a great option.


In addition to being good for your overall health, peaches can also help you lose weight. Peaches are a low-calorie food, and they can help to curb your appetite. 

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