• Season: September-October-November-December-January-February-March
  • Brand: Eren
  • Production Capacity: 480 TON / WEEK during the season
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Eren is a renowned supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables in Turkey, specializing in avocados. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Eren has built a strong reputation in the industry by offering a wide range of products at competitive prices. We offer high-quality products at competitive prices. Our products are grown in a healthy and natural environment. We are a major supplier of fresh fruits, avocado, and vegetables to supermarkets, wholesale distributors, and retailers. Our products are also available in bulk quantities.


The avocado is a fruit that originates from Central America. It is thought to have first been cultivated in Mexico and later spread to other parts of the world. Today, avocados are grown in many countries and are a popular ingredient in many different cuisines.


The avocado has a long and interesting history. It was first mentioned in a Spanish book in 1519 and later became a staple in Aztec and Mayan cuisine. In the 1800s, the avocado was introduced to the United States and quickly gained popularity. Today, the avocado is enjoyed by people all over the world and is a versatile ingredient in many different dishes.


Turkey is one of the world's leading producers of fresh fruits and vegetables, and avocado farming is a growing industry in the country. In recent years, the Turkish government has made investments to encourage the growth of the avocado industry, and as a result, avocado farms have proliferated throughout the country.


Turkish avocado farmers produce a high-quality fruit that is in demand both domestically and internationally. The majority of Turkish avocados are exported to European Union countries, where they are used in a variety of dishes and products. In addition to being a major player in the global avocado market, Turkey is also a major producer of other fresh fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, melons, grapes, and oranges.


The avocado is a green-skinned fruit that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Avocados are rich in nutrients and have a variety of health benefits, making them a popular choice for many people.


Turkey is one of the new producers of avocados in the world, and the country has been exporting them to other countries for many years. The main export markets for Turkish avocados are Europe and the Middle East.


The avocado is a popular fruit that is often used in salads, guacamole, and other dishes. Avocados are unique because they contain high levels of monounsaturated fats, which have been shown to have various health benefits. Some of the benefits of consuming avocados include lower cholesterol levels, improved heart health, and reduced risk of certain cancers.


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