• Brands Eren
  • Min Order 10000
  • Prodution Capacity 10000 ton/monthly
  • Payment Terms L/C, Bank Tr
  • Delivery Terms shipping
  • Lead Time 3-7 days

Dobeshibeni is a yellowish orange color mandarin that comes up early in the season. It is the first export grade mandarin of the Turkish season. Easy to peel, juicy and sweet taste with moderate acid concent. 

Dobashi Beni was discovered in about 1940 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, in an orchard of K. Dobashi: a limb sport of Owari.Dobashi Beni is an early to mid-season satsuma of deeper orange colouration than common varieties such as Owari and Okitsu. Internal quality is good, but the variety never gained any particular popularity in Japan, its origin due to similarity with Owari. It is harvested slightly earlier than Owari.This fruit grown in: South Africa, Turkey, California.Distinctive only because of its deep orange-red color. Fruit of good quality, ripening in late November or early December.Tree of medium vigor.

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