Delivery Information


• It gives priority to the security of credit card holders who shop on and you can check the payment / billing information from the moment you place your order. Therefore, in order for your order to arrive at the procurement and delivery stage, you must first confirm the accuracy of the payment / billing information of your order and send an e-mail confirming that it has been confirmed. Also, if deemed necessary, your orders can be passed through Bank Security Approval regardless of the lower limit in the order. This is to prevent third parties from shopping with your credit cards. These fees and purchase times are valid for provincial and district centers.


• Orders placed before 16:00 on Friday begin to be delivered as of Saturday. All orders you place after 16:00 on Friday may not arrive before Monday as they will be processed on the next Saturday. There is no delivery on Sundays.


• As a result of our stocked works, we ship our products on the same day.


• In the event that the products that has no stock, the right to give up the sale is reserved. If this situation occurs for some products in the basket; By taking account information from the customer, the difference within 7 business days following the receipt of the information is returned. If the payment was made by credit card, the refund will be made to the credit card. cannot be held responsible for delays that may arise from bank transactions. In general, returns are reflected on credit cards within 72 hours due to interbank exchanges.


• Please write your address information as clearly as possible so that your order reaches you as soon as possible. For security reasons, there is no delivery from the cargo.


• Open the package you received from the cargo next to the cargo officer and check your order. If you see any inaccuracies or omissions, please contact us immediately. Do not take the faulty or problematic load or product. Damaged products that you notified us within 2 hours of receiving your cargo will be made by us.