Fremont Mandarin

  • Season: December-January
  • Brand: Eren
  • Prodution Capacity: 960 TON / WEEK during the season
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A medium-sized Mandarin with great strong flavor and a vibrant orange skin. The Fremont tree grows to 2 meters tall and is nearly thornless, which is a big plus. Fruit matures early on the tree, around late summer and early fall, and may stay on the tree for up to another 3 months. The tree will need full sun and an airy placement in the garden, and can grow well in pots. It fruits often and profusely given the right conditions, but fruit may need to be protected from sunburn given the somewhat sparse foliage.

Nova originated in Florida in 1942 from a cross between Fina and Orlando Tangelo. FC Gardner and J Bellows were the plant breeders and the variety was officially released in 1964.Clemenvilla is a high quality, seedless hybrid mandarin. The thin peel comes away reasonably easily to reveal tight, firm segments that burst with flavor. The segments are significantly more solid than the soft nature of a true clementine. The eating quality is more satisfying as flavor is enhanced by high levels of sweetness with a good acid balance.  Visually, the fruit is very attractive having a smooth, fine, often blemish-free surface of appealing reddish-orange colouration. Clemenvilla is an early variety in Florida, maturing in November, but a slightly late variety in Spain, maturing in mid-November.Names: Clemenvilla (Spain); Nova (South Africa, Morocco, USA); Suntina (Israel).Grown in: Florida, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Uruguay.

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